Development course

◆ Development course

┟  2004 Jiangsu China nylon Co., Ltd was established;
┟  2005 annual production capacity of 5000 tons of polyamide 66 polymerization production line officially put into operation;
┟ In 2006 the company in Haian County high tech Industrial Park to re site expansion project;
┟  2007 annual production capacity of 10000 tons of polyamide 66 polymer production line put into operation;
┟  Established in 2009 Nantong yipuwan new materials Co. Ltd.
┟  In 2010, a successful strategic cooperation agreement with the French Rhodia Inc;
┟ In 2010 an annual output of 10000 tons of salt co project put into use;
┟  In 2013 the establishment of the Shanghai Rui Yi Chemical Co. ltd.;
┟  2014 Shandong Haili Group signed a long-term supply agreement of adipic acid;
┟  Held in Jiangsu in 2015, the ten anniversary of the establishment of nylon Co., ltd.;
┟  Signed in 2015 with the United States INVISTA company long-term supply hexamethylendiamine cooperation agreement;


◆  organizational structure